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The Active Controls are additional parametters that can be set to a recipe or program to have a bigger control of the elaboration.

Course Content

Disable extraction for reuse of this product

  • Disable extraction for reuse of this product
  • What options does the JANBY Track offer when removing a bag from the water?

Probe control: continious probe monitorization vs. continious water monitorization
The Track collects information about the water and probe temperatures and acts accordingly in two different ways: one monitors the temperature at the heart of the product, and the other one monitors the temperature of the water and acts accordingly.

Minimum ready product (Hot Hold) amount
The Hot Hold process consists on maintaining hot and ready to serve food at safe temperatures.

Intermediate notifications
The intermediate notfication is a control that sets notifications at different moments of the elaboration process.

Probe pasteurization and FSIS controls
The probe pasteurization control monitors the temperature at the heart of the product throughout the whole process and ensures the compliance of the selected sanitary regulation. Once the recipe time is concluded, this control analyzes if the accumulated time and temperature meet the regulation. If the regulation is met, the Track will put the product ready to extract, if not, the Track will maintain it cooking until this is met.

Maximum time waiting at ready
With this control you can regulate the maximum time that a product can remain in the water once its cooking process has been completed.

Inject probe on product extraction
When extracting a product from the bath, force to register the core temperature of the product using the probe.

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