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These process controls establish the actions that are bloqued, allowed or allowed with a notification inside the Janby Track.

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P1: Allow to insert product, while temperature is below target
Ideally the water temeprature should always be at the set temperature for a given recipe, however, this may not always be the case. By default, the Track is configured not to allow to insert a product while the temperature is below the taget temperature, as this could affect the cooking process. But, each user can modify this permission to either, always allowed, allowed with advice or leave it as forbidden.

  • P1: Allow to insert product, while temperature is below target

P2: Allow extract of non finished products
In order to extract a Tag and its product, the elaboration program must be over. With this permission activated you will be allowed to extract products without it´s cooking process being finished. This permission enables you to esablish this action as either: forbidden, always allowed or always allowed with advice.

P3: Remove finished products by clicking on the screen
By default the Track requires to scan a Tag for both cooking moments: the moment of inserting and the moment of extracting the product. The activation of this switch you will be allowed to extract a given bag, by clicking mannually on the screen, without needing to scan the Tag.

P4: Allow grouping labels in a single tag
Activating this permission will allow to group labels to be cooked using a single Tag and enable more labels grouping permissions.

P5: Extract unsold QR labels to be used again the day after
In Hot Hold situations, products may reach the end of the day without being sold. By activating this switch, you will be able to extract those products from the bath and tag them as being extracted unsold to be reused the day after. Before activating the switch ensure that reusing your products after cooking does not violate any food safety regulation.

P6: Allow the extraction of product from Hot Hold unfollowing the suggested order
When Hot Holding, the Track wil show the cooked products following the criteria of the product that has spend more time in the water. In this way, for the same recipe or product it will only allow you to extract the one that has been there for longer. If you want to change this, and enable the extraction of already cooked products regardless if they were inserted first or last, you can activate this permission.

P7: Allow using expired labels

P8: Scheduled orders and tasks visibility

P9: Scheduled orders and tasks start

P10: Edit automatic continue

PSV 1: Duration of the insert Tag advice on the SmartVide
Set the duration of the insert TAG icon being displayed in the Sammic Smartvides. If requiered the users may be forced to confirm the insertion by touching any of the SmartVides buttons.

PSV 2: Duration of the extract Tag advice on the SmartVide
Set the duration of the extract Tag image being displayed in the Sammic SmartVides. If required the users may be forced to confirm the extraction by touching any of the buttons of the SmartVide.

PSV 3: Automatic assign of SmartVide by
When working with more than one water temperatures at the same time, it is possible to make mistakes and to insert the bag in the wrong water tank. To this end, Sammic SmartVides and the JANBY Track communicate with each other and show an icon in the SmartVide screen that indicates where to inset and specific Tag. In order to do so, you need to first indicate to the Track the criteria you want to use for this, there are 3 options:

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