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Create a recipe in 3 steps

There are 3 steps to create your recipe.

Firstly, choose the colour you want to assign to your recipe.

Once the colour is chosen, press the (+) button to create a new recipe.

Step 1

The first step is to choose wether the recipe will be a Time or a SmartVide:

Time recipe: this is a timer that shows when a process is over.

SmartVide recipe: this is a Sous-Vide recipe that looks after time and temprature, so requieres connection to the Smartvide

Step 2

Once the name of the recipe is added, in the Time option, you can only control the cooking time and it is thought to be used as a timer for any side operation that happens in the kitchen.

The SmartVide option is thought to control both the elaboration time and temperature. To work with this type of recipe, the connection to a SmartVide is necessary. Once given the name to the recipe, you will be able to adjust the time and temperature parameters.

Step 3

The Track offers additional settings called the ¨Active controls¨ that enable a higher control over the process. These controls are explained in separate articles.

Once the 3 steps are completed, you are now ready to cook your first recipe!

As a last note, when you have more than one recipe inside the same colour group, you will be able to select your favourite recipe by dragging it to the left and putting it in the first place. Every time you scan a Tag of that colour, this favourite recipe will be automatically selected, however, you will still have the option to select another recipe manually.

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