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Janby Cloud sections


In this section you can choose a date range from which you want to analyze actions from a given kitchen.


In the organization section you will find the Organization ID, necessary to activate the Cloud in the different devices.

You will also see the different licenses asigned to the organization.



This portal has the user manuals and frequently asked questions.

USA Store

In the USA store you will be able to purchase additional licenses and different accesories and consumables to get out the most of the JANBY Track.

Europe Store

In the Europe store you will be able to purchase additional licenses and different accesories and consumables to get out the most of the JANBY Track.

Location resources


In this section you will see the different users of the organization that have access to the Cloud.


This section shows all the devices of the organization that are connected to the Cloud.

Selling products

In this section the final products and their QR codes are generated.

A final product can have a unique or multiple elaboration programs.

Also, additional info can be added such as: ingredients, allergens, conservation and mode of use.

Intermediate products

Elaboration programs

The elaboration programs can de either Time or SmartVide.

Time: time elaborations dont require a SmartVide conexion, these work as timers.

SmartVide: the SmartVide elaborations require conexion to a SmartVide as they not only keep track of the time, but also of the temperature.

The elaboration programs can be clasified in 8 colour groups, initially the colour groups were thought to be per type of food. Such as, blue for fish and red for meat. However, each user can clasify the different recipes as prefered.


If you have more than one kitchen with different devices inside the organization, locations will show the hierarchical structure.

Location events


All actions that are happening simultaneously in the different devices will show in the live section.

Scanned labels

All labels that have been scanned by the devices of the organization will show here.

Event history

The log of the different actions that have happened to the different devices of the organization for a given period of time will show here.


Generate batch

For the food producers that require bigger printing equipment and more complex labelling, this section generates a code that can be inserted in their labelling system, so that the QR code can be inserted in their labels.

Productoin history

Shows the log or history of the labels production.

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