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Why does JANBY TRACK exist?

The Sous-Vide technique is a top standard worldwide, adopted in every type of kitchen. We identified that the Sous-Vide process offers a crucial advantage as it enables differentiating or separating a traditionally linear process, from food manufacturing to the service moment. There is a growing pressure on the restaurant businesses to increase profitability and this has led to the increase of concepts  based on food regeneration, outsourcing the food production to third parties.

JANBY Track is a solution that allows the digitalization of the food regeneration process enabling higher standardization of both product and process and a higher control over the business.

The only system that monitors the cooking time of each bag, able to identify each portion and its cooking time.

Our solutions answers the main problems when several bags are inserted in one same water tank.

  • Which bag was inserted first?
  • How to control the different cooking times per food portion?
  • How to differentiate the portions that attend special food needs?
  • How to analyse the historic data of the products that have been cooked?

Moreover, the system provides thorough traceability of data regarding time and temperature, compatible with the HACCP control.

Traceability: The system keeps the historic of everything that has been cooked, enabling the follow up of all cycles. The individualized control of the bags fosters the tracking of portions with special food needs. Also, thanks to the intelligent labels and to the integration with POS systems, is possible to get the full traceability of the food chain.

HACCP Control: JANBY Track generates very precise reports regarding the cooking time and temperatures per portion, allowing a complete and precise traceability from the different devices at any time.

JANBY Cloud: our cloud centralizes all data regarding the organization and equipment. The JANBY Cloud is a platform that enables the activation of new devices, to design recipes and products and to transfer them remotely. It also records everything that happens in the kitchen.

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