The JANBY Track at Gastvrij Rotterdam

October 21, 2021

Autor/a: Janby Digital Kitchen

This week JANBY has been present at Gastvrij Rotterdam at Bidfood NL space next to Kitchen Create.

During the 3 days that the trade show took place the visitors have been able to discover a completely new system that together with Bidfood’s products makes it the perfect solution for professional kitchens.

The restaurant industry in Holland and globally was already anticipating some important changes specially triggered by the Delivery and the digitalization, and the COVID crisis has only accelerated them.

The sudden close of the different restaurant concepts has forced their staff to change sectors and it doesn’t look like they are eager to come back, at least not in a short or medium term. The timetables, working path and the required knowledge to properly run a professional kitchen makes it an unattractive career path now.

Bidfood NL In their constant effort to ease the life of those owning and running a restaurant in the Netherlands, not only provides everything a restaurateur might need in terms of utensils, but also provides high quality food ready to retherm plate up and serve. At the Gastvrij Rotterdam 2021 edition they have included Janbys QR codes and have deployed 5 JANBY Track and Sammic SmartVide units to completely automate the retherming process, ensuring consistent quality and significantly reducing the dependency on the Chef.

Below some pictures of how the units looked:

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