How the Hospitality Industry Is navigating through F&B Challenges With Sous Vide Automation

December 6, 2022


Many restaurants have averted food and beverage challenges with Sous Vide automation

Businesses in the hospitality industry often deal with food and beverage (F&B) challenges on an ongoing basis. Many of these businesses have utilized Sous Vide automation to navigate around such problems. Here are some key ways Sous Vide automation has been useful.

1. Staff Shortages

Staff Shortages can be an ongoing problem in the hospitality industry. Most restaurants find it difficult to hire part-time staff to cover shifts when there is a sudden influx of customers. This staff shortage leaves restaurants in a difficult positions where they are unable to meet suden rise in demand.

As an answer to this problem, restaurants can work around by purchasing pre prepared sous vide food from specialised food vendors. They can then automate the sous vide process using a platform such as the Janby Track. This allows chefs to track Sous Vide cook times and temperature using the built-in QR system without having to rely on additional staff.

2. Heightened Sanitation Guidelines

Food health and safety regulations have become stricter in recent years with regards to sanitation. Such regulations place additional pressure on restaurants because they require more care during the food preparation process.

As a solution to this, many restaurants have adopted the Sous Vide cooking process and optimized it with automation. This automated system ensures that food being prepared or rethermed via Sous Vide has reached a safe internal temperature before being removed from the water tank.

3. Waste from food expiration

Restaurants often deal with large amounts of food waste when ingredients expire. Such wastage generally occurs because it is difficult for staff to keep track of expiration dates for individual ingredients or because they are not aware of the consumption patterns of their establishment.

Sous Vide food items generally last longer in storage compared to other food items thanks to their vacuum seal. This means there is less likely to be wastage when restaurants adopt Sous Vide cooking in their operations.

You can learn more about JANBY Track and the ways it can help your kitchen operations.

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