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Configuration section

When clicking in the configuration tab the following sub tabs will show: Settings, Permissions, SmartVides, Calibration, Janby Cloud and Sounds.



In this section you can activate the Bluetooth, necessary feature to connect the Track with the SmartVide cooker.


In this section you can change the temperature units from Celsius to Fahrenheit, which in turn will affect the temperature unit displayed by the SmartVide cooker.

Layout mode in kitchen

In this section you can change the layout mode in kitchen from either cooking view or hot hold view. In cooking view each portion is presented din one line, however in hot hold view the same color line shows the number of bags that are being hold. This can be edited also directly in the cooking view by doing a swipe up.


These are different permissions that can either be blocked, allowed with a notification or allowed without notification. here is a separate section that coverseach of these.



Once the SmartVide is connected, there is the option to personalize the name.


Shows the SmartVides that are found. The first time you connect a new SmartVide, the Track will ask you an activation code. This is cmposed of 10 characters and a hyphen. This step of the activation code is crucial to make the SmartVide work.


The SmartVides come already calibrated from the production unit, so it is not a necessary as a first step. The Calibration is a process to be done periodically, ideally every X time.

The Track can assist this process either on the automatic or manual mode:

Automatic calibration

It requieres to immerse the SmartVide in the tank with very cold waer, until this reaches 0º.

Manual calibration

It requieres a professional and certified measurer.

Janby Cloud

With the JANBY Track suscription an Organization ID will be created. All data regarding the organizatoin can be accesed at my.janby.kitchen with the eamil you used to subscribe.

Janby Cloud organization ID

This is the identifier of your organization.

This is a 10 character code that can be found in the JANBY Box.


In this screen you can define the sound you would like to hear in the different moments of the process.

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