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Connect the SAMMIC SmartVide and the JANBY Track

Connect your Janby Track and SmartVide in 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Make sure that the bluetooth of the JANBY Track is turned on. Go to Configuration, Settings and turn on the bluetooth.

Step 2

In the SmartVides section, wait for the SmartVides to be detected and choose the SmartVide that you wish to connect from those that appear available. If your SmartVide doesnt show up within 20 seconds, make sure that this has the bluetooth turned on and refresh the page.

Step 3

The first time you connect your SmartVide with the JANBY Track, the JANBY Track will ask you for a SmartVide code so that you can activate this.

This is a crucial step in order to make the system work properly. If this step is not done correctly, the screen on the SmartVide will show a red lock.

The activation code can be found on the label that the SmartVide has and it is composed of 10 characters and a hyphen: XXXXX-XXXXX. Once you have done this for the first time, it will not ask you to do this again.

Step 4

Remember that you can only connect to up to 3 SmartVides at the same time with one JANBY Track.

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